Travis Peery.  What a guy.  An amazing singer/musician with so much talent, but you would never know upon meeting him. He's humble and has this wonderful way of making you feel important and somehow you know that he truly believes that.  He's interested in who YOU are and what YOU have to say. travis_peerytravis_peerytravis_peerytravis_peerytravis_peery

One day we were sitting on the couch, drinking a beer and he asked me if I would work with him to create the artwork for his band's upcoming album. I didn't think twice about it.  He then proceeded to make me one of his famous Moscow mules (with candied ginger of course) and I proceeded to write ridiculous notes on his typewriter (it's a thing).travis_peerytravis_peery

Fast forward a few weeks, we were driving all around LA scouting locations and stopping for cocktails here and there.  We really focused on areas that meant something to Travis because ultimately, he wanted to pay homage to LA, which is where he spent the last two years writing his newest album.  After all the cocktails, all the laughs and all the long talks about what this album means to him, we finally decided on his Silverlake apartment (the best bachelor pad that ever lived), Echo Park and Downtown.  The shoot turned out to be one of the most meaningful projects I've worked on this year and it felt so good shooting in my hometown.travis_peerytravis_peerytravis_peerytravis_peery

If there's anything I've learned about friendship over the years it's this. Surround yourself with people who challenge you, make you laugh and teach you not only about yourself, but how to be better.  I think above all else, friends should lift you up. That's what Travis does for me. He lifts me up and that's something I can always count on.  I'm proud of him, proud to call him my friend and proud of the photos we made together.travis_peerytravis_peerytravis_peerytravis_peerytravis_peerytravis_peerytravis_peery

// P.S  You can check out the band's website HERE!  Word to the wise, go to one of his next shows.  You won't regret it.

Cheers to friendship :)