Whether you're a couple or a brand I work with, I will give you all of me and that's a promise.  I'm not really sure how else to do things to be quite honest.  I'm an open book and 100% confident in being able to bring out the best in you.  That's what I can offer.  That's what I bring to the table.  That's what sets me apart.  I want to show who you really are and/ what your brand is all about.  

I’m a talker.  I love to laugh and laugh loudly.  I’m Colombian.  I’m a hugger and sometimes forget some people don’t want to be hugged.  I’m still gonna hug you.  I have a serious addiction to ice cream.  I'm a little obsessed with my friends.  I’m loyal to the very end.  I’ll cook you dinner any night of the week.  I’m spontaneous.  I love fiercely.   

Currently crazy about exploring every city I can get my hands on, every new recipe I can find and making you laugh until you pee your pants.  Let's get weird.