The Beauty of Doing Nothing + Mexico

I took a trip to Italy four years ago and one of the beautiful sayings they have there is "la bellezza di non fare nulla," the beauty of doing nothing.  It's something that has stayed with me because it's so simple, so true and so necessary.  Somehow, our culture in the states celebrates working endlessly and filling our time with countless to-dos as a wonderful thing.  Why?  I've never understood why non stop days seven days a week is always celebrated.  Don't get me wrong, I love my job and I pour over images daily with pleasure, but I don't want it to ever take over my life completely.  It doesn't define me.  It is a part of me.  

I think we often forget how important it is to regroup and just be still with ourselves, to be alone, to be quiet even if that means sitting next to someone you love and just be.

We can't be 100% in everything if we want balance in our lives.  That goes for our careers.  That goes for our relationships.  Love.  Family.


I want to live the most balanced life possible and that to me means napping (gasp!), cooking for people I love, taking editing breaks (even though I love it) or watching that girly movie on my couch for the fifteenth time with no guilt.  It can also mean driving out of the city with friends and purposely leaving my camera at home (no guilt).  


What does it mean to you? 


*Photos (taken on my iPhone ) from my recent trip to Mexico with two of my best friends.  We sipped moscow mules, took naps, danced, watched dolphins swim in the ocean and enjoyed each others company.  Doing nothing never felt so good. Beatufy_of_Doing_Nothing_001.jpg Beatufy_of_Doing_Nothing_002.jpg Beatufy_of_Doing_Nothing_003.jpg Beatufy_of_Doing_Nothing_004.jpg Beatufy_of_Doing_Nothing_005.jpg Beatufy_of_Doing_Nothing_006.jpg Beatufy_of_Doing_Nothing_007.jpg Beatufy_of_Doing_Nothing_008.jpg Beatufy_of_Doing_Nothing_009.jpg Beatufy_of_Doing_Nothing_010.jpg Beatufy_of_Doing_Nothing_011.jpg Beatufy_of_Doing_Nothing_012.jpg Beatufy_of_Doing_Nothing_013.jpg Beatufy_of_Doing_Nothing_014.jpg Beatufy_of_Doing_Nothing_015.jpg Beatufy_of_Doing_Nothing_016.jpg Beatufy_of_Doing_Nothing_017.jpg