A Fairy Named Mollie

Once upon a time, I was hiking up a mountain in Griffith Park and to my surprise, came across a beautiful pregnant fairy. She stood there smiling at me so I approached her and introduced myself.  We got acquainted and had the loveliest chat as we walked through the trees together. I couldn’t help but ask her if I could photograph her and she asked if that was really necessary? I reminded her that she was only going to be pregnant once with this particular child and how wonderful it would be to look back on these days of anticipation.


Remember what she looked like.

Remember how she felt.

Remember how pregnancy changed her over the course of nine months.


It would all be documented in photographs that she could have forever. She smiled with agreement and so we continued walking through the forest stopping when I felt inspired.

Before we knew it, we were losing light as the sun quickly hid behind the mountains.  She offered to walk me back to my car and with delight, I accepted.  We spoke about our lives and how much has changed for the both of us in the last year.  We spoke about friendship and the different chapters we are both in at the moment.  In the midst of this fairy/girl talk we also realized that we are so much alike.  Though we are living very different lives, we are living very similar lives as well.  Both living one adventure to the next, both living very closely to our loved ones, both inspired by fashion and nature.  The list goes on.


The lesson I learned that magical afternoon is this:  Enjoy each chapter of your life no matter what it is because it will end one day and a new chapter will begin. Oh, and that fairies are the best and should be handled with the utmost respect. They also love peanut butter and popcorn.

The end.

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