The Banana Stand // Seattle Event Photographer

There’s a saying that goes, “you are who your friends are.” When I was younger I didn’t really understand the truth behind that nor did I take the time to really choose people who were very good for me. I focused on how fun they were, if they also liked the same kind of music or if they made me laugh.

Thankfully, after much heart break and a lot of trial and error, I figured out how true that expression is and how much it can affect your life. I learned that friendship isn’t just about how much fun you had the night before with your girlfriends or if they miraculously showed up for you when you needed them.

// Friendship is about showing up for each other every time.

// Friendship is about making time for each other even when you’re busy.

// Friendship is about pushing each other and growing together.

// Friendship is cheering the other person on even when you aren’t feeling great about yourself. It’s not all about you, k?

I’ve learned that in order to have great friends you have to be a great friend first. So much of that is putting your trust in them and vice versa. I’m proud to have a circle that trusts me fully and I them. Surrounding yourself with people who let you be yourself COMPLETELY and feel free to be their complete selves around me is so amazing. We show up for each other, we listen, we sit there and cry together and we show the fuck up when things get hard or need celebrating.

So, here we are. The reason for all of this friendship talk is to say that to feel free and supported by friends doesn’t just happen. You have to choose wisely. Alex chose me and I chose her and so it is my honor and pleasure to have photographed this event she threw for her new business venture.

She moved into a unique work/live loft she is quickly turning into an event space for artists in Seattle. In order to help fund this incredible endeavor she threw a fundraising event a few weeks ago. I was beyond honored she asked me to document it and now I’m very excited to show you some of my favorite photos from this wild night. There was a tattoo artist, there was a silent auction, there were performances, there was an incredible live band, there were incredible cocktails and of course, there was a lot of dancing (links to all the vendors below!). A labor of love from Alex and people that care about her.

// Watching her through this process has been so inspiring and I’m really proud of her. Cheers to surrounding yourself with people that not only reflect who you are, but make you better. That’s friendship.


Fundraising Event for The Banana Stand / Alejandra Maria
Amazing Venue @kateanddesign from @withinsodo
Furniture Rentals @vintageambiance
Performers @carlarans @theluciafir and @theseven.eighths
DJ @heydjchardonnay
Tattoo Artist @shortchorts
Bartenders @tumbleweedcafeandbar
Photography Me! Yay!