Rafael Soldi // Seattle Branding Photographer

In an attempt to get myself out there in a new city and really get my feet wet, Rafael was more than willing to make some time for me. An accomplished photographer who’s business model is something out of my dreams, he has made a living creating poignant, thoughtful, beautiful work and I just admire him SO much.

I’m so honored to have shot this small, but mighty branding session. A little essay of photos if you will, that depict his day in the life. Mornings at home amongst art he has collected over the years. Walks to his studio and unpacking framed images that once hung in a New York gallery.

// Um, yes, casual.

Rafael! Thank you for spending an afternoon with me, guiding me and telling me about your adventures. I left so inspired and I can’t wait to hang again soon. In case you didn’t know, we are now friends. No, no, that was not a question.