Heather & Nick // Married in Italy // Part Two

Welcome to Italy, part two folks.  You've entered a place of happiness, bliss, a place of familiar faces and complex love.  This is a place where wedding dreams are made and live forever.

// A couple who found one another and didn't let go.  A couple who brought their closest people together to a magical universe with no one else in sight.  For three days, only they existed.   They celebrated not only their union as husband and wife, but the union they share with their loved ones.

Yes, this is a place of strangers, close friends, new friends and family.  A place where everyone forgets their troubles and focuses on what is really important.  A couple who surrendered to the day, did things their way and went with the flow.  I am so incredibly lucky to have been a professional observer right by their side. 

// The staff got to know us and we them and needless to say, we all fell in love.  They prepared our meals and taught us Italian and I've never laughed harder in my life.  Most of the wedding day was spent around a table while wine was poured, stories were told and songs were sung (Bryan Adams - [Everything I Do] I Do It For You in particular.  It's a thing).  Cigars were lit, dancing never stopped and sleep didn't arrive until 4am.   

Heather and Nick.  Thank you for bringing me along on this amazing adventure.  Every time I look at these photos I will remember every single moment I was able to share with you.  To the rest of the Italy gang, travels will never be the same without you :)