Evan Machado | The Nicest Beach Babe You've Ever Met

Evan is one of those guys who can literally talk about anything with you and you'll no doubt be on your ass laughing the whole time.  Intern, turned friend turned client, I was so happy when he asked me to shoot a portrait session for him.  Can you believe this guy is only 22 years old????  Yeah, it baffles me too. As we walked on the beach and talked about how beautiful Manhattan Beach is, how we want to become ballers like the people who live there and how excited he is to graduate from UCSB this summer, I reminisced silently on how I felt right before I graduated college (which, you know, was last year...ahem...anyway).  I was hopeful and scared and I longed for the "real world."

Welcome to that world Evan.  I'm excited for you :)

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