Erin Connors Long | Sunset Secrets

Often times I will look at someone and KNOW they will photograph so beautifully.  Other times I will be talking to a close friend and suddenly it's like I'm seeing them for the first time and I am instantly inspired to create a shoot based around who they are and how I see them.  I'm so grateful for this intuition and this fearlessness to ask these strangers and friends to trust me and model for me.  It's this constant need to get the pictures I have in my head out into the world that keeps me going, keeps me creative and makes me better. Meet Erin Connors Long.  One of the most stunning, gentle creatures I know.

Erin_Connors_Long_002.jpg Erin_Connors_Long_003.jpg Erin_Connors_Long_004.jpg Erin_Connors_Long_005.jpg Erin_Connors_Long_006.jpg Erin_Connors_Long_007.jpg Erin_Connors_Long_009.jpg Erin_Connors_Long_010.jpg

Erin_Connors_Long_012.jpg Erin_Connors_Long_013.jpgErin_Connors_Long_014 Erin_Connors_Long_011.jpg Erin_Connors_Long_016.jpgErin_Connors_Long_015.jpg Erin_Connors_Long_018