Rustic Farm Wedding in Montana // Leigh & Jake

I had always wanted to go to Montana.  I imagined wild horses, colorful trees, open fields.  When Leigh and Jake happened to me I was like, oh.  I was waiting for them.  This is the time.

The warmest of people who treated me like family from day one.  Their sense of humor is my favorite and the way they never stop laughing together.  The way it should be.  

Leigh and Jake.

A very special thanks to my wonderful friend, Tiarra Sorte, for braving the cold with me and making me laugh the entire night.  What a gem. What a woman. xo

Intimate Elopement at Volunteer Park Conservatory // Agnes & Rob

// The more I shoot weddings, the more I want them to be small, off the beaten path, driven by sentimentality.

When the guest list is small enough to fit in my bedroom I get really excited. It’s not to say that large weddings aren’t as special. There is just something really incredible about there only being 10 faces in a room, on the beach, or in this case, a conservatory in north Capital Hill.

Agnes and I met when I first moved here to Seattle at a networking event and we connected right away. She taught me about SEO (ugh - bless you Agnes) and I made her laugh. We didn’t see each other for months after that (maybe even a year?) and then one day I got an email from her, a fellow photographer herself, that she wanted me to shoot her elopement in late summer.

UMMMM What? OK. You got it girl. And so, one beautiful afternoon (after stressing out in traffic because South Lake Union is seriously trying to be the end to us all), I captured her and Rob saying their vows to each other in front of their close family and friends. It was quiet, yet full of laughter, it was tender, it was everything.

Agnes and Rob // Married at Volunteer Park Conservatory. Enjoy :)

Classic Downtown Seattle Wedding at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel // Taylor & Caton

I have always been a fan of the classics.  Frank Sinatra, old vintage architecture and black tie events.  Since the day I met Taylor and Caton I knew their wedding was going to be all the things I love, but with an edge and a bit of swagger.  I also knew their reception was going to be THE MOST.  Like jumping off a plane in Vegas and hitting the hottest club, the most.

// I. Was. Right.

Not only was it gorgeous and a dream to shoot, it was full of LIFE.  They were incredibly intentional of who they included in their day and made sure to show their appreciation to everyone ALL day, including me.  

Taylor and Caton.  Married at the classic Fairmont Olympic Hotel.

Photography: Elizabeth Zuluaga

Planning and Design: Sinclair and Moore

Stationary: Libby Tipton

Video: Justin Figeroa

DJ: Matthew Gonlund

Furniture Rentals: CORT

Venue: Fairmont Olympic Hotel

Elizabeth Zuluaga and Andria Lindquist // A Love Story // 2017 Roundup

Well here we are, aren't we?  It's 2018 and already the middle of January.  How though?  I don't know about you, but I'm loving this year already and feeling really great about how things are shaping up.

BUT what I want to talk about today is 2017.  The year that changed my life, the year I grew as an artist more than ever and the year I became closer to my friend Andria Lindquist not only in business, but in life.  

// I realized in second shooting all these weddings with her, shooting weddings under her (aka Liz for Andria) and shooting my own weddings (Elizabeth Zuluaga), our work relationship might be a bit confusing so I wanted to take a moment to explain all that (plus share some of my favorite images I shot while by her side).

Three years ago, Andria was looking for an associate.  She wanted someone she could soley send weddings to that she couldn't do herself due to availability and preferably someone who had a similar style to hers.  More than that though she wanted to find someone she could trust and understood what it meant to handle clients she would be handing over.

It took me almost two weeks to reach out to her because I lived in L.A. and she wanted to find someone local to Seattle.  I got over myself though and decided i had nothing to lose.  I emailed her what we have now dubbed "the love letter," and she emailed me back within a couple days.  My favorite part of this story is discovering that when Andria opened my email she was sitting in the parking lot of Trader Joe's and knew I was the one.

I couldn't believe it and from that day forward, we chose to invest in each other while also running our own businesses.  Yes, that's right.  I am Andria's associate, but I also still have my own business and my own weddings The difference is that if it is a referral from Andria, I shoot it under the Andria Lindquist brand (aka Liz for Andria).  I manage the wedding from beginning to end, which means I take care of my couples, shoot and edit everything myself.  Also, yes, I did this for two years while still living in L.A., which meant I flew to Seattle on a monthly basis to shoot weddings while shooting my own Elizabeth Zuluaga weddings in Socal.  It was a wild time to say the least.  Like, how did I live?

Fast forward to the beginning of last year, I made the decision to move to Seattle.  I moved for many reasons, but one of them was so I could be more local and stop flying back and forth so much.  However, I still shoot weddings in L.A and always will :)  It was the best thing I ever did and it allowed me to foster my relationship with Andria.  I shot almost every one of her weddings with her in 2017 and it was the most fun.  We got to learn each other so much faster, better and laugh soooo much.  Now we laugh because we miss each other when we're shooting solo as we've gotten so used to shooting side by side.  I just text her the next day and we make plans to hang with her daughter and catch up.  It's a win, win if you ask me.

So now you know our story.  Our love story, ha.  I also hope you loved this little roundup of my favorite images and hopefully have a better understanding of how we work together.  It used to feel surreal to have her in my life in this capacity after admiring her work for so long, but now she's just Andria and that feels even better.  She took a chance on me and I'll forever be grateful.

P.S Andria, never forget how I drove your car around the city while you pumped in the back seat or how I held your breast milk while you got situated in the car.  #friendship

The end.

Sarah & Graff // Photos and Party // Seattle Wedding Photographer

They were married last winter with just immediate family as their guests.  Simplicity at its finest.  No big, fancy wedding.  Just the two of them and their families.

Cut to this summer when they decided to share their love and celebrate with ALL their friends and family.  The priorities:  photos and a party.  

I got you, guys.  I got you.

A big shout out to Sarah and Graff's family for being so welcoming and kind.  A two hour cocktail hour followed by tons of dancing was so fun with them goofing around with me.  I honestly had the best time.  Fun couples and fun families.  I'm - in - to - it.  Weddings are the best.

Alana & Matt // Married at Strands Beach

My beautiful Alana and Matt.  They waited and searched with patience for the right person.  The frustration of dating, the doubt that sets in, the question if it will ever happen.  One day, in the middle of the desert, surrounded by mutual friends, they took one look at each other and suddenly, understood what the wait was all about.  

// Cut to five people on a beach getting married. A couple who can't stop kissing.  Vows that were said with tears in their eyes (meanwhile I was trying to see through my viewfinder through my own tears). It was like watching a movie you get completely lost in and all of a sudden it's over and you're snapped back to reality. 

A wedding heavy on the ceremony (plus a mini ceremony for guests) because that's what Alana and Matt are all about.  They focus on each other and what is important to THEM.  Expressing exactly how they felt about each other that day was the priority, which only made me love them more.  Couples who do what they want and not what is expected.  

No crowds to entertain, just the two of them making each other laugh and when they realized they forgot the rings in the hotel room, it didn't matter.  Enter seaweed found in the sand for a makeshift ring instead. 

A year ago when Alana asked me to shoot her wedding I told her I could see her wedding already in my mind.  I just needed to show up and press the button.  I was right.

Guys.  I love you so much.  Every single little cell.  I'm so happy and honored to have captured your beautiful day for you.  You inspire me, always.

Be Still My Heart // Alana & Matt

I can't express enough how much of a difference it makes when my couples trust me, let me do my thing and just let go.  When I know that they love my work and can't wait to see their photos.  When we can just play and I can let my mind run with idea after idea.  THAT'S when I produce work I can't wait to share with people the most.

So, with that said, there's more where this came from, but I just couldn't wait to share some of my favorites.  Part two of this beautiful day coming soon...

Loralie & Bryan // Married in the Desert // Joshua Tree

Loralie and Bryan.  Two people who found each other and from the beginning made the decision they would live adventurously together.  They made zero plans except to fall deeper in love and make memories only the two of them could ever understand.  They would do things their way.


This is it.  These are the couples that scream LIZ to me.  When people like them find me it makes me feel like I'm doing something right.

They were to be married in the backyard Loralie played in as a little girl.  A wedding done right in her childhood home.


// A father of the bride who also served as the officiant and asked for each person to bless the rings as they were passed around.

//  Nieces and nephews ran around and played like it was any other day.

// An overwhelming sense of community and love.  Small and intimate.  Special.


A day focused on letting go, worrying less about floral arrangements and more on enjoying each other's company.  I watched them take a moment at the end of the night to quietly dance to their song without any announcement  People smiled from afar and it was almost like being let in on a little secret.

Loralie and Bryan.  Married in the Desert.

Bridget & Zak // Married at Saddlerock Ranch

Together since their youth.  Eleven years of loving each other; something so rare these days.

The most beautiful vows hand written to perfection.  A ceremony that lasted an hour, but felt five minutes long.  Not a dry eye to be seen.  This love exists.  This love is possible.  This love is real.

// A wedding more about connection and less about theme.

// Guests greeted with champagne and a giraffe named Stanley.  

// Their best friends they’ve grown up with and adore.

They did things their way.  They brought their people together to celebrate not just the two of them, but their love for everyone present that day. Everything felt like them and I am honored to have been a part of it. 

// Bridget and Zak.  Married on a ranch in the canyons of Malibu.

From the first conversation Bridget and I had over the phone, we knew this was it.  We were in it together.  She wanted her day captured beautifully, nothing recycled.  She wanted someone who understood her love of simplicity and the classic.  I almost fell out of my chair with excitement. 

I knew that her day would not only be special for obvious reasons, but special for me as well. Couples who value me and are more interested in our connection rather than what's included in a package.  Something I will strive for, always.

Kristen & Roy // Married at Mazama Ranch House

I flew to Washington, hopped in Tiarra's car and began a 4.5 hour road trip to the Mazama Ranch House in the mountains.  We had a slumber party in a cabin and woke up to these two beautiful creatures.  

// Thank you Tiarra for bringing me along to this magical wedding in Mazama.  I will never forget the deer in the road, siracha bacon and the turquoise lake we found on the way home.

Some of my favorites // Kristen and Roy