Old Hollywood Engagement // Taylor & Matt in a Clock Tower

Once upon a time,

There lived a warm, kind, ambitious, creative couple who did things a little differently than others. They owned two business, including an art gallery downtown and lived to make their dreams come true. They had a vision for their life and worked hard to keep it alive. Together since their youth, they’ve built an exciting, adventurous life full of artistic expression and love.

It was only a matter of time before a ring materialized and a new chapter began. They came to me with gusto and hope that I would be willing to make yet another vision of theirs come to life. A conceptualized engagement session that encapsulated their essence and all the things they enjoy. Fashion, romance, vintage elements, the city. They were meant for each other and they were meant for me. My artist heart exploded and gave them everything I had that day.

Taylor & Matt. Celebrating their engagement in a clock tower.

The End.

With love,


Melissa & Nic // Seattle Engagement Photographer

Melissa and Nic are getting married in the fall next year so it made perfect sense to shoot their engagement session amongst the trees. They suggested Volunteer Park as the trees there in the fall were beautiful.  As the Uber pulled up, I rolled down my window and stared in awe.  I had been waiting so long for fall and it was more than I could have imagined.  


Sara & Seth // Seattle Engagement Photographer

We walked the streets of their very own neighborhood, we sipped coffee at their favorite spot, we cuddled their incredible frenchie, Marlow and laughed about how we forgot the champagne.  I mean, every engagement session should have champagne.  Am I right?

Sara and Seth, you are now my friends whether you like it or not, k?  Great.  Thanks.  xo

P.S Sara, I can't handle you in that dress.  I support all your life decisions. 

Rachel & Gregory Engaged // Seattle Lifestyle Photographer

Gregory.  What a gem.  He found me and told me his whole plan on proposing to Rachel.  From his very first email I knew we were going to have the best time together.

Fly in from Nashville >> Propose on the Ferris Wheel >> Surprise her with an engagement session >> Have the best weekend ever.

I saw them walking towards me with open arms, so excited for their shoot.  They were fully equipped with a bottle of bourbon to celebrate and calm their nerves.  My people.  We laughed our butts off, took bourbon breaks, had numerous dance parties and got to know each other.  It was seriously so freaking fun.  The best people find me.

** Shout out to Gregory who made it a point to tell me why he chose me.  Usually it's the ladies who do this so I was blown away by him and his kindness.  He not only loved my work, but also my about page.  He could tell who I was right away - goofy, funny and sarcastic.  All his favorite things. **

Gregory and Rachel, I'm so grateful the stars aligned and brought us together.  You guys are the absolute best.  

Andrew & Kirstin // Seattle Engagement Photographer

I sat there with a book in my hands pretending to read on the bench Andrew and I had discussed over Skype.  Every 10 seconds or so I would look around to see if they were coming my way.  The suspense was killing me, as most proposals I shoot do.  It was cold that morning and I had made the mistake of wearing sandals,  ripped jeans and a tank top.  I was freezing.  It didn't matter though.  I was going to make this happen, chattering teeth and all.

Suddenly, I saw them.  Andrew and Kirstin, walking hand in hand looking so happy.  I smiled knowing Kirstin was about to be even happier.  He spotted me and walked up to the water right in front of my bench just like we planned.  I pulled my long lens out from under my bag and let everything unfold naturally. 

We spent about 35 minutes together laughing and taking photos together before they went to meet up with their friends and family.  They told me about their story and how they had only met about 6 months ago.  "When you know, you know, Liz."  Two brave souls who took a risk on each other and let go.  My heros.  I'm so happy I could capture such a specific, special moment in their lives.  Proposals are the best.  Love is the best.  

// I know.  I'm a mushy, sappy, hopeless romantic.  It's fine.  Everything's fine. xo

* Shoot for Flytographer

Bryon & Mindy // Engaged at the Walt Disney Concert Hall

The metro pulled up to my stop downtown and as the doors opened I realized my hands were shaking. I walked to the spot Byron and I had talked about and waited - hands still shaking.

I saw them coming my way and gave the signal to their giddy friends in hiding.  It all happened so fast.  He was down on one knee and seconds later there were tears, hugs and disbelief.  

Before photography happened to me I sometimes wondered what it must be like to witness two people get engaged.  Now, I know.  I know it a lot.  How wonderfully weird it is that proposals have become a part of my job - my life.  I'm not mad about it. Not one bit.

Byron & Mindy // Engaged in lovely L.A.

* Shoot for Flytographer

Hollywood Engagement // Brittani & Ryan

Give me a an easy going, hilarious couple who will hike up the Hollywood hills with me, any day. I have no doubt their Chicago wedding in January will be off the chain fantastic (and cold - duh).  

Love Hollywood.  Love this couple.

Zain & Christie // Engaged in Venice Beach

I have to say, there are some really wonderful men out there.  They find me and ask me to document one of the most intimate and personal moments they will ever experience.  It's extra special when they come all the way from Chicago and choose you to share in this moment with them.  It's an honor to take on that responsibility and I do it with pleasure.

- Shoot for Flytographer

Matt & Elyse | A Proposal Story

Matt & Elyse_001.jpg This is a (not so short) story of a gem of a man named, Matt.  He has a passion for music, the outdoors, good food and whiskey.  He often graces strangers (and his friends) with his sweet, sweet dance moves and never fails to impress with his skills in the kitchen and from behind the bar (old fashions - oh yeah).  However, amongst his many passions, one surpasses them all.  She is a beautiful goddess named, Elyse.

Matt & Elyse_002.jpg Matt & Elyse_003.jpg Matt & Elyse_004.jpg Matt & Elyse_005.jpg Matt & Elyse_006.jpg

Even after two years of dating, falling in love and moving to Oakland to be with her, Matt knew from the beginning that there would never be anyone else.  So, the plan for proposing to Elyse began.  I would fly in from LA to spend the 4th with them and say I had a shoot that Sunday, July 5th, 2015.  This is not uncommon since I stay with them often due to my travel schedule (and also because I miss them so much and can't stay away).

Matt & Elyse_007.jpg Matt & Elyse_008.jpg Matt & Elyse_009.jpg Matt & Elyse_010.jpg Matt & Elyse_011.jpg Matt & Elyse_012.jpg

Sunday came.  The DAY had arrived.  Per usual, Elyse made us breakfast and a couple neighbors stopped by to join us.  I kept glancing over at Matt to see if he looked nervous and miraculously he looked calm just like any other day.  I mean, impressive doesn't even cut it.  After the neighbors left I stayed in my pajamas (because I like to stay in them as long as possible - duh) and Matt and Elyse began packing for a couple days away in Petaluma to celebrate "Elyse's belated birthday."  Since I wouldn't be leaving until 4pm to pick up my rental car for my "shoot,"  I helped Elyse get ready and kept her distracted so Matt could pack for their trip (including hiding the ring).

Elyse jumped in the shower and immediately Matt and I checked in with one another.  He admitted he was getting a little nervous and I assured him it was all going to work out perfectly.  "I got you."

Matt & Elyse_013.jpg Matt & Elyse_014.jpg Matt & Elyse_015.jpg Matt & Elyse_016.jpg Matt & Elyse_017.jpg

They left.  I napped.  I packed.  The door rang.  It was 4pm and time to set everything in place.

I opened the door to find Eddie waiting for me.  We smiled at each other excited for what was about to happen. We jumped in the car and the hour long drive began.  We caught up on life and talked about how crazy it was that Matt was about to be engaged.  After a few wrong turns, lost reception and sweaty palms, we arrived.  As we pulled into the driveway, there stood the most magical tree house, including the most ridiculously charming wooden swing you ever did see.

Matt & Elyse_018.jpg

That's where it would happen.

That swing would be where he would get down on one knee.

That is where he would tell Elyse he knew from their very first kiss she was the one for him.

Matt & Elyse_019.jpg Matt & Elyse_020.jpg Matt & Elyse_021.jpg Matt & Elyse_022.jpg Matt & Elyse_023.jpg Matt & Elyse_024.jpg

Eddie left to hide that oh so familiar Saturn he drives and I hid in the trees with my camera.  I payed no attention to the spiders crawling around me or the beetles staring at me from the rocks below my feet (I totally payed attention).  My heart raced as I waited for Matt and Elyse to arrive.  It was quiet and all I could here was the wind blowing.  Suddenly, there they were.  I watched them get out of the car and start walking towards the house.  I took a deep breath and stood sideways against the tree (sniper style), careful not to give myself away.  When they were far enough in the distance, I exhaled and got into position to capture what would be one of the most special moments in my friend's life.

Just like we had discussed countless times, I saw everything come to fruition and it was incredible to watch.  Matt held Elyse's hand and walked her to the swing.  My heart kept racing, nervous that I was making too much noise with every crunching step.  I could hear her giggle from a distance, but that quickly faded as they got further and further away.  What happened next was over in a second and to be honest, I kind of blacked out so I'm not really sure how these photos exist. Matt & Elyse_025.jpg Matt & Elyse_026.jpg Matt & Elyse_027.jpg Matt & Elyse_028.jpg Matt & Elyse_029.jpg Matt & Elyse_030.jpg Matt & Elyse_031.jpg

Elyse sat down on the swing and pushed herself off the ground.  Matt stood behind her as he took the ring out of his pocket.  He then walked around the swing to face Elyse.  Her feet touched the ground and everything stood still.  He got down on one knee and there was a moment of silence.  Suddenly, there was a scream then laughter then crying.  Success :)

I could see Matt was looking for me so I stepped out of the brush and began walking towards them.  Elyse pretty much went into official shock.  We hugged, we cried, then we hugged some more.  It was the most beautiful day.

Matt & Elyse_032.jpg Matt & Elyse_033.jpg Matt & Elyse_034.jpg Matt & Elyse_035.jpg Matt & Elyse_036.jpg


I will never be able to explain what if feels like to watch something so personal and so intimate.  When I was hiding in those trees and everything was still quiet, I kept thinking what an honor it was for Matt to put all his trust in me like that.  What a beautiful thing to do for the person you love.  They will have these images forever and I'm so happy it was me that got to share in that moment with them.  Just the three of us in the middle of a field with the trees, the swing and the wind.

The end.