Andrew & Kirstin // Seattle Engagement Photographer

I sat there with a book in my hands pretending to read on the bench Andrew and I had discussed over Skype.  Every 10 seconds or so I would look around to see if they were coming my way.  The suspense was killing me, as most proposals I shoot do.  It was cold that morning and I had made the mistake of wearing sandals,  ripped jeans and a tank top.  I was freezing.  It didn't matter though.  I was going to make this happen, chattering teeth and all.

Suddenly, I saw them.  Andrew and Kirstin, walking hand in hand looking so happy.  I smiled knowing Kirstin was about to be even happier.  He spotted me and walked up to the water right in front of my bench just like we planned.  I pulled my long lens out from under my bag and let everything unfold naturally. 

We spent about 35 minutes together laughing and taking photos together before they went to meet up with their friends and family.  They told me about their story and how they had only met about 6 months ago.  "When you know, you know, Liz."  Two brave souls who took a risk on each other and let go.  My heros.  I'm so happy I could capture such a specific, special moment in their lives.  Proposals are the best.  Love is the best.  

// I know.  I'm a mushy, sappy, hopeless romantic.  It's fine.  Everything's fine. xo

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