Work that Empowers Me // Promo Shoot


I had been itching to create work that left me feeling...different.  I wanted to walk away knowing I had grown artistically.  I wanted to to create work that empowers me.

That's always my goal when I'm sitting at home dreaming up shoots and planning where I'm going to go next in my work and well, in life.  There is something that happens when I'm free to take my time and watch my client or friend or couple or whomever it is, and capture what they may not see themselves.

I create my best work when I'm free.

// When I can sketch out those visions on paper, when I can hand pick my team, when I can pull together looks I love and want to showcase through strong women.  That's when I'm at my best.  I can be myself completely and let go.  Show everything that's been bottled up inside and just explode with all those thoughts and pictures in my head.

A month of planning and it was over in a second.  I brought six women together and drove us out to the desert.  Just us in the middle of nowhere, free to roam and play and make magic together.

// I want more of this.  I want to work with amazing teams like this.  I want it all.

All you brands out there, you fashion bloggers, you lifestyle contributors.  I want you too.


I love working working with couples.   There's something that happens when they forget a camera is attached to me.  They let go.  They get lost in themselves and that's when I lose my mind and can't stop shooting.  I give direction and let them make adjustments, be still, laugh, walk away and check if I'm still there.  

We snuck up to the roof and watched the sun set as the wind tried to carry us away.  We got to know each other as we waited for the light to be just right.  We talked about faith and what church was like for us growing up.  They told me how they met and what they do for a living and I told them how much I love L.A. and how I want to see the world.  How I hope photography takes me to all those places.

// It was an afternoon of all my favorite things and what I strive for with each couple.  I walked away from that shoot feeling inspired and how glad I am to have started a business three years ago.  

Hiring a photographer isn't just about showing up and ending up with pretty pictures.  It's about a connection.  It's about the experience.  It's about the the process of how you got those pretty pictures.  That's what this whole shoot was about and what I wanted to convey to anyone I work with in the future.  

THIS is what it looks like and what I want to share with you.  I hope you'll join me.



My ladies and CJ!  My little team.  I couldn't have done this without you and I'm so grateful.  I want to take over the world together.

// Vivian Silva - The best videographer that ever lived.  You understood what I wanted from the beginning and made it happen effortlessly.  I knew you were the one.  THANK YOU.

// Jessica Zimmerman - One of the sweetest, kindest, creative hair/makeup ARTISTS I've had the pleasure of working with.  You're never getting rid of me.

// Tata Tickaradze - I can't.  I just love the way we found each other.  It was meant to be and you absolutely killed it.

// Rebecca Mullins, Lindsay Hundley, Jessickah Hart, CJ Meston - My beautiful muses.  You are the faces of this shoot and I couldn't be happier.  You were so easy to work with and weren't afraid of getting dirty and freeze your asses off with me in the desert/rooftop.  I'll never forget it.  I heart you all so hard.