Nicole Lennox // We're in this Together

When it's 9am and I'm g-chatting her questions about SEO and asking her advice on branding and website platforms she never, ever, ever gets frustrated with me.  She always helps me through and reminds me we're in this together.  We're business owners, together.  We're photographers, together.  We're creatives, together.  We are friends.

Sometimes we laugh about the day we met and how awkward it was to be standing in a room full of strangers trying to network and make connections.  We made our way to each other eventually though and I'm so grateful.  We've come a long way in the past few years and I can only see us growing in our own businesses with stride and laughing our asses off the whole way through.  I mean, we are fun, kids.  Rull fun.

When she asked me to shoot branding images for her new site, I was so honored and so excited to do this for her.  I love the way they came out and I also love that they're all over her new site!  She just launched it last week!  You can check out right here :) 

Cheers to kicking ass and laughing your way through life...

elizabeth zuluaga1 Comment