Wanderlust No More - For Now | San Francisco

I think the hardest thing about growing up is seeing your friends move away.  They are so much a part of your every day life for so long and then one day they meet someone, fall in love and move to a new city.  It's happened several times now where close friends of mine move away, but the one thing that has remained the same is our friendship.  I'm proud of the fact that my little circle stays close no matter the distance and I think that's because we just really need each other.  A codependency in the best way!  We may have separate lives, but at the end of the day we still need that phone call or that text or that little weekend trip to reconnect. Last weekend I took that trip to see my friend Matt in San Francisco.  Once upon a time we were having dance parties in his living room every Saturday night and trying out new bars in Silverlake.  Then one day everything changed.  I miss those days, but so happy about his new life.  Cheers to friends, dance parties and new chapters._MG_3481_MG_3487_MG_3488_MG_3492_MG_3496_MG_3500_MG_3502_MG_3507_MG_3518_MG_3524_MG_3531_MG_3532_MG_3538_MG_3554_MG_3555_MG_3561_MG_3569_MG_3572_MG_3576_MG_3585_MG_3593_MG_3620_MG_3632_MG_3637_MG_3639_MG_3658_MG_3667_MG_3669_MG_3674_MG_3680_MG_3688_MG_3691_MG_3692_MG_3695_MG_3706_MG_3707_MG_3711_MG_3712_MG_3714_MG_3715_MG_3726_MG_3728_MG_3731_MG_3733_MG_3734_MG_3747_MG_3760_MG_3763_MG_3768_MG_3770_MG_3774_MG_3776_MG_3792_MG_3794_MG_3798_MG_3847