Thanks. I Love You.

I just want to say I am feeling so humbled lately at all the amazing connections I made with my family and friends this year and how happy I am I made the effort to travel and even date ;)  Ha!  What a fun roller coaster that has been.  Going through such ups and downs this year makes me smile at how in the moment of distress you think everything is falling apart when really, things are just working themselves out the way they should. I have SO many things coming up in the new year and I can't wait to share them all with you!  A LOT of new exciting things happening over here including shoots, travel, weddings and style posts.  In the meantime, here are some of my favorite photos taken over Thanksgiving weekend with my family.  Have yourself a happy little Tuesday.

Thanksgiving_Los_Angeles_PhotographyThanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_002Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_003Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_004Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_005Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_006Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_007Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_008Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_009Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_010Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_011Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_012Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_013Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_014Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_015Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_016Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_017Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_018Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_019Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_021Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_022Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_023Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_024Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_025Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_026Thanksgiving_Elizabeth Zuluaga_027