Ohme // Bad Ass in all the Right Ways // Seattle Editorial Photographer

Oh Em Gee.  Women coming together to create unique, beautiful imagery together.  That's my jam and what I love doing most.

In case you haven't heard, Mia Stephenson of Ohme Shop is the coolest. She has recently dropped all things to focus 100% on her jewelry business and I just want to applause the hell out of that because it takes guts and ambition.  She's killing it and I'm so happy for her.

The way she and I met is quite the meet cute.  I was having dinner with some friends and Mia happened to be our server.  Being a jewelry lover myself, I noticed the most amazing necklace she was wearing and asked her where she got it.  She told me she made it and I was blown away.  I gave her my business card and a few weeks later she wanted to discuss the possibility of working together.  

Well...we did and it was fucking awesome.  

I listened to what Mia's vision was and what she wanted out of the shoot and helped fine tune things so everything was super solid.  I can't say it enough.  Working with people who trust me, like my style and identify with who I am always produces the best work.  I'm so proud of us and what all these ladies did that day.  

<< THE TEAM >>

Photography // Me, myself and I

Jewelry // Ohme Shop

Makeup // Krystal Strifert

Model //  Adria GarciaKim Selling