Mollie Elizabeth // Personal Stylist of your Dreams // Los Angeles Branding Photographer

Oh Mollie. She’s been such a light in my life for what seems a lifetime at this point. When I first met her I was floored by how much energy she has and how incredibly positive, bubbly and outgoing she is, which, says a lot coming from me, haha. We often laugh at the fact that she was in a very different season of life back then and how she wasn’t in a place where she wanted to make new friends, but she just couldn’t stay away (my masterplan worked) and so…

// And a friendship was born.

Besides being a human sun walking around LA, she’s always had an entrepreneur spirit about her, which is probably why we bonded so quickly and have so much in common. I’ve watched her analyze her path over the years and so happy to report she landed right where she belongs.

>> A personal stylist for women and men who need help refreshing their closets with only the kind of guidance she can give.

She told me she needed to show her personality and what her day to day looks like - researching and shopping and creating looks for her clients.  I mapped out her shoot, we worked on a mood board together and I flew to LA to make it happen. It makes me SO happy to see her plastering her images ALL OVER THE INTER WEBS and getting such use out of them because that’s what branding shoots are all about. 

I’m really proud of this shoot and even more proud of the bad ass business woman she’s becoming. What’s even better is that she was just featured in VogageLA including photos from our shoot! You can check the article out HERE!

If you need me, I’ll just be over here adding more branding sessions to my que with every business/entrepreneur that will let me :)