Miss Lexi Riggs in Pennsylvania

I met Lexi at her sister's wedding and I liked her style right away. She's quiet and a little shy, but she loves to laugh.  I made her laugh that day.  A lot.

She's about to graduate high school and has her whole life ahead of her.

Every girl at 18 years old should have photos to document where they are in life.  To capture their essence.

So I flew to Pennsylvania and took care of it.

Lexi_Riggs_001.jpg Lexi_Riggs_002.jpg Lexi_Riggs_003.jpg Lexi_Riggs_004.jpg Lexi_Riggs_005.jpg Lexi_Riggs_006.jpg Lexi_Riggs_007.jpg Lexi_Riggs_008.jpg Lexi_Riggs_009.jpg Lexi_Riggs_010.jpg