Light in the Desert | Vasquez Rocks - Santa Clarita

I love the way the sun seems different at the desert (specifically where I shot this day - Vasquez Rocks in Santa Clarita). It's brighter and somehow more vibrant.  I love the way it hits the rocks and paints a blanket of warmth.  I wanted to capture this place of warmth for a day.  I wanted this girl in my head to roam free with me.  The one thing that stays true in my life is the feeling I get when I'm able to bring a vision to life. Together we shared in that vision and created something beautiful.  I'm forever grateful every time that happens because it's such a travesty when it just stays in your head - stuck and floating just waiting to become reality.

Model: Elyse Ucker | Makeup Shanina Poli | Styled by Elizabeth Zuluaga

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