"INTO THE NOIR" ft. Aja Dang

It really is something when I look back to college (we don't need to discuss how long ago that was) and remember how much I wanted to become a photographer and all the things I did to try and figure out what kind of photographer I wanted to be.  Did I want to shoot weddings?  Did I want to become a photo journalist?  Did I want to shoot fashion?  I started by dressing up in different wigs and outfits and doing a lot of self portraiture.  To this day, I still do that just for practice.  Hmmm maybe I should post one of those one of these days! I then started photographing my friends and coming up with concepts for the shoots.  That's when I realized how much I love photographing people and putting together different ideas to make one beautiful photograph.  I love working with a team and how fun it is to collaborate on artistic points of view.  Over the past few years I came to realize my love for shooting weddings as well and what a surprise that has been (more on that in a post coming soon)!

Today I am still chasing my dreams and every day I try to do little (and big) things to get me closer.  Working with Vannga Nguyen, founder of The Advnt Society, felt like I was doing just that.  I'm so proud of what we did together.  From makeup to hair to the overall concept, it was all so fantastic and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to spend the day in downtown LA.  Check out the photos here and I've included some extras that didn't make it in the final piece below!

creative dir / stylist: @vannganguyen
makeup: @soniaresh
model:  @ajadang
photo asst: @charlesrenfrow 

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