Do What You Love and the Rest Will Follow

It's fascinating to me how much a person's life can seem so perfect on the internet.  Every photo is positive, bright and all smiles.  Every status update is a new life chapter or new travels.  The truth is you never know what someone is going through no matter what they put out there and I guess that's why I'm writing this post today. It's been an emotional few weeks for me and even though really beautiful things have happened to me this past month (thank you for all your kind words by the way!),  not so beautiful things have happened as well.  We all go through hard times and battle with big decisions that stress us out (big time).  I have to remind myself that I am not alone when I'm going through things.  It's important to just keep doing what you love and the rest will follow.  Keep going and surround yourself with your favorite people (wine and ice cream are good options too).  Remember that the next time you're feeling down :)

Do What You Love