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A Nod to Summer's Ending + Photos from Cancun Mexico

Oh Summer.  It really IS all it's cracked up to be.  Every spring I think to myself, this summer is going to be better than the last and you know what?  I'm usually right.  I was so inspired this summer and I realized that I shot more these past few months than ever before.  I went on more trips, I saw more friends, I threw more parties, I mended a broken heart (including my own), I watched dolphins swim in the ocean and I ate my way through LA.  The list goes on and on.  I hope the following reminds you of your summer and perhaps inspires you in some way.  

* The sun coming in through my window every morning telling me to wake up and get outside.

* Iced coffee I chilled the night before.

* Welcoming home friends that moved back to LA from the east coast and beyond.

* Dinner parties in my apartment filled with music, laughter, hugs and twinkle lights.

* Days at the beach that started at 11am and ended at 7pm (or longer).

* A Road trip with the windows down to watch two of your most special friends get married.

* A Road trip to your cousin's wedding in Palm Springs and being honored with the responsibility of photographing it for her.

* A sweet, short flight to San Francisco to visit your friend that moved and forced everything to change.  That first beer together in the bar never tasted so good.  Maybe it was because we missed each other or maybe it was because catching up over a beer felt familiar and that in itself felt like nothing had changed.

* Driving to the desert to photograph a girl with the most stunning skin I've ever seen and capture that beautiful warm light.

* Allowing myself to cry due to a broken heart, but better yet, allowing a friend in during such a dark time to comfort me (something that is hard for me to do at times).

* Taking walks at night with my girlfriend who lives next door to buy salted caramel ice cream followed by long talks on my couch.  Sometimes we laugh so hard I wonder what life was like before we shared a wall.  There is nothing like a delicious laugh attack.

* Singing on the top of my lungs while driving to orange county with the sun roof open and all the windows down.

* Getting to orange county and being greeted by an old friend who reminds me every single day that I'm worth it.

* Taking a long overdue trip to a beautiful country to lay in the sun with a friend.

* Stumbling upon a new friend at the beach who not only makes everything better, but shares cupcakes with me on a weekly basis and realizing they are one of the best surprises that summer could bring...

* Letting go of the past and allowing that sweet, warm summer air to take the pain away.

* The ocean whispering to keep my heart open because anything can happen if I just listen.

* Watching my bedroom turn bright tangerine orange as the sun sets over the city and then just like that, it is dark, cool and I am fast asleep (kind of like falling in love).

* Getting all your friends together for no reason at all and enjoying cocktails under a blanket of soft lights.  Looking around the room that night my heart was full and never have I been more proud of the friends I have made in my life.


Photos I took on my mini digital camera in Cancun last month.  We stayed at The Grand Mayan Riviera Maya and it was by far the most beautiful resort I have ever been to and I can't wait to go back.  We made nothing but warm memories there.  Here's to summer...

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A Portrait Session with Me | Elizabeth Zuluaga Photography

When people ask me what a portrait session with me looks like, I often send them to my website to look over the pictures, pricing, etc.  However, what if I could really SHOW you?  I mean, what are you paying for when you have pictures done of yourself?  I have never wanted it to be a simple transaction between us.  I want it to be an experience.  I want you to walk away from our time together feeling light, rejuvenated and confident.  I want you to not just feel, but know that those pictures are exactly what you envisioned.  I want you to feel like you can't wait to see them on paper and in your home, on your website, your blog, wherever.  I want you to feel like you know me better and I know you better. I'm working on creating a video that will showcase the whole process from beginning (sketches, mood boards, etc.) to end (your shoot!).  Until then, here are some behind the scenes shots from my latest portrait session.  If you're interested in booking a session or want more information send me an email!  Hope to meet you soon :)

Los Angeles Photographer_001LightinDesert_BTS_005LightinDesert_BTS_002


Light in the Desert | Vasquez Rocks - Santa Clarita

I love the way the sun seems different at the desert (specifically where I shot this day - Vasquez Rocks in Santa Clarita). It's brighter and somehow more vibrant.  I love the way it hits the rocks and paints a blanket of warmth.  I wanted to capture this place of warmth for a day.  I wanted this girl in my head to roam free with me.  The one thing that stays true in my life is the feeling I get when I'm able to bring a vision to life. Together we shared in that vision and created something beautiful.  I'm forever grateful every time that happens because it's such a travesty when it just stays in your head - stuck and floating just waiting to become reality.

Model: Elyse Ucker | Makeup Shanina Poli | Styled by Elizabeth Zuluaga

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