Work that Empowers Me // Promo Shoot


I had been itching to create work that left me feeling...different.  I wanted to walk away knowing I had grown artistically.  I wanted to to create work that empowers me.

That's always my goal when I'm sitting at home dreaming up shoots and planning where I'm going to go next in my work and well, in life.  There is something that happens when I'm free to take my time and watch my client or friend or couple or whomever it is, and capture what they may not see themselves.

I create my best work when I'm free.

// When I can sketch out those visions on paper, when I can hand pick my team, when I can pull together looks I love and want to showcase through strong women.  That's when I'm at my best.  I can be myself completely and let go.  Show everything that's been bottled up inside and just explode with all those thoughts and pictures in my head.

A month of planning and it was over in a second.  I brought six women together and drove us out to the desert.  Just us in the middle of nowhere, free to roam and play and make magic together.

// I want more of this.  I want to work with amazing teams like this.  I want it all.

All you brands out there, you fashion bloggers, you lifestyle contributors.  I want you too.


I love working working with couples.   There's something that happens when they forget a camera is attached to me.  They let go.  They get lost in themselves and that's when I lose my mind and can't stop shooting.  I give direction and let them make adjustments, be still, laugh, walk away and check if I'm still there.  

We snuck up to the roof and watched the sun set as the wind tried to carry us away.  We got to know each other as we waited for the light to be just right.  We talked about faith and what church was like for us growing up.  They told me how they met and what they do for a living and I told them how much I love L.A. and how I want to see the world.  How I hope photography takes me to all those places.

// It was an afternoon of all my favorite things and what I strive for with each couple.  I walked away from that shoot feeling inspired and how glad I am to have started a business three years ago.  

Hiring a photographer isn't just about showing up and ending up with pretty pictures.  It's about a connection.  It's about the experience.  It's about the the process of how you got those pretty pictures.  That's what this whole shoot was about and what I wanted to convey to anyone I work with in the future.  

THIS is what it looks like and what I want to share with you.  I hope you'll join me.



My ladies and CJ!  My little team.  I couldn't have done this without you and I'm so grateful.  I want to take over the world together.

// Vivian Silva - The best videographer that ever lived.  You understood what I wanted from the beginning and made it happen effortlessly.  I knew you were the one.  THANK YOU.

// Jessica Zimmerman - One of the sweetest, kindest, creative hair/makeup ARTISTS I've had the pleasure of working with.  You're never getting rid of me.

// Tata Tickaradze - I can't.  I just love the way we found each other.  It was meant to be and you absolutely killed it.

// Rebecca Mullins, Lindsay Hundley, Jessickah Hart, CJ Meston - My beautiful muses.  You are the faces of this shoot and I couldn't be happier.  You were so easy to work with and weren't afraid of getting dirty and freeze your asses off with me in the desert/rooftop.  I'll never forget it.  I heart you all so hard. 

Fashion Bloggers // Let's do This


Part of the reason I fell in love with photography was the fashion aspect of it all.  I love the juxtaposition of interesting style and a fresh face, a fresh personality.

As a fashion blogger, you're not just showing off a cool outfit, you're showing off your personality, setting yourself apart from other bloggers.  You're showing why you're different.

I want to help you do that.

I want to know what you're about and help showcase to the world why your passion and what you have to say matters. 

I've got you.

I hope you'll join me :)


$150 per look // online gallery // Digital Download

$500 monthly // four looks // online gallery // Digital Download


Casual Fridays | Leather and Lace

Thank God it's Friday.  Am I right?!  It's been a long week, but I'm really looking forward to relaxing this weekend, catching up on work and seeing friends.  Hmmm maybe I'll just have to wear this little lacy number while I'm out and about ordering a moscow mule...Holla!! *Wear this:  drinks with friends on a Saturday night

lace dress // forever 21 (similar)   leather jacket // zara   strappy heels // michael kohrs


Casual Fridays | Denim on Denim

I've always lived in denim, but lately I find myself wanting to wrap myself in it permanently.  A lot of travel has come my way so I just want to be comfortable at all times (pssst! All my curvy ladies, The Gap makes skinny jeans for curvy girls and I'm obsessed - see link below.  Try them and let me know what you think!).  I've also been putting my heels aside and opting for flats and booties so I don't die running to the subway or getting to the light rail in Seattle, which has become a constant in my life these days.  Although, don't get it twisted.  I am determined to still be wearing heels when I'm 60 so there's that.  Have a lovely weekend! P.S  Follow me on my photo travels via Instagram!

*Wear this:  casual work day or a movie date with friends

denim jacket // forever 21   sheer black top //forever 21   leopard flats // steve madden (similar)   jeans // the gap

casual fridays_elizabeth zuluaga_MG_8543_MG_8579_MG_8590

Marissa Christiansen for Haute Deity

Ah, fashion.  It's one of my favorite things and being hired to photograph it is always such a joy for me.  Marissa came to me some months back to inquire about a shoot.  It would be a fashion editorial shoot featuring a collection of ethereal garments she created for women called Haute Deity.  Not only that, but she wanted it shot in the ever amazing Joshua Tree.  I mean....I was ecstatic.  Fashion plus the desert equals my heaven. We started planning it and after some emails back and forth a location was chosen, mood boards were made and a date was set.  We literally kept emailing each other just to say how excited we were for the shoot.  When I showed up to the house she had rented (which by the way was ridiculously amazing) and saw all of the unique pieces hanging in the closet my mouth dropped.  I did not expect them to be so exquisite in person.

Each piece is intricately detailed to perfection and one of a kind, made by hand.  Her hands.  She sewed and designed every part of the collection herself and I'm so honored she chose me to essentially shoot the lookbook, which will help launch the website soon!

Here are some of my favorites from that magical day.

_MG_4844_MG_4847_MG_4855_MG_4865_MG_4872_MG_4875_MG_4891_MG_4916_MG_4955_MG_4958_MG_4976_MG_4981_MG_4987_MG_5050_MG_5053_MG_5105_MG_5109_MG_5115_MG_5120_MG_5122_MG_5135_MG_5166_MG_5186_MG_5217_MG_5244_MG_5265_MG_5268_MG_5277_MG_5283_MG_5312_MG_5325haute deity_elizabeth zuluaga photography




Casual Fridays | Long Cardigan & Jeans

I've been battling a cold this week and all I've been wanting to wear is cozy sweaters, cardigans and jeans.  Actually, that's all I ever want to wear in general.  I found this little gem at H&M earlier this year and basically live in it. In other news, I'm off to wine country today (Napa!) to shoot my first engagement session of the year!  It's also pretty sweet that I get to stay with one of my best friends in Oakland too.  I mean if that isn't multitasking with joy, I don't know what is.  There is so much travel for me this year and I'm so excited about it.  Can't wait to show you photos soon and share all of my shenanigans I'll be getting myself into.  Have a good weekend!

jeans // gap  dark pink top // gifted // necklace // boutique store in Seattle  long cardigan // h&m (similar)  ankle boots // nordstrom rack (similar) Casual_Fridays_Long_Cardigan_001.jpg Casual_Fridays_Long_Cardigan_002.jpg Casual_Fridays_Long_Cardigan_003.jpg Casual_Fridays_Long_Cardigan_004.jpg

Casual Fridays | Mixed Patterns + a Booty

Fashion Magazines tell women that if you have wide hips and a booty you shouldn't wear printed pants because it will only make them look bigger.  This is what I have to say about that:  F them.  Here's to all my girls who are curvy, have a booty (especially big ones!) and shapely thighs.  Let's celebrate by wearing pants that accentuate that ass!  It's a good thing if you ask me.  Happy Friday ladies :) printed pants // target  striped top // h&m // necklace // h&m  strappy heels //

fashion blogger_MG_8875_MG_8888

Casual Fridays - Sheer top & Chambray Shirt

A couple Saturdays ago was quite a busy day for me.  Brunch with a friend, catching up on editing images all afternoon and then a friend's gathering in the evening.  I wanted to wear something that I could be comfortable in all day and into the evening.  My go-to lately has been sheer shirts and chambray shirts.  I wore this with leopard flats at brunch and then simply added a pair of chunky heels at night.  Just keepin it casj, you know. Happy weekend :)

chambray shirt // target  sheer shirt // thrifted // necklace // brookly charm  strappy heels //



Casual Fridays


Casual Fridays

"INTO THE NOIR" ft. Aja Dang

It really is something when I look back to college (we don't need to discuss how long ago that was) and remember how much I wanted to become a photographer and all the things I did to try and figure out what kind of photographer I wanted to be.  Did I want to shoot weddings?  Did I want to become a photo journalist?  Did I want to shoot fashion?  I started by dressing up in different wigs and outfits and doing a lot of self portraiture.  To this day, I still do that just for practice.  Hmmm maybe I should post one of those one of these days! I then started photographing my friends and coming up with concepts for the shoots.  That's when I realized how much I love photographing people and putting together different ideas to make one beautiful photograph.  I love working with a team and how fun it is to collaborate on artistic points of view.  Over the past few years I came to realize my love for shooting weddings as well and what a surprise that has been (more on that in a post coming soon)!

Today I am still chasing my dreams and every day I try to do little (and big) things to get me closer.  Working with Vannga Nguyen, founder of The Advnt Society, felt like I was doing just that.  I'm so proud of what we did together.  From makeup to hair to the overall concept, it was all so fantastic and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to spend the day in downtown LA.  Check out the photos here and I've included some extras that didn't make it in the final piece below!

creative dir / stylist: @vannganguyen
makeup: @soniaresh
model:  @ajadang
photo asst: @charlesrenfrow 

The Advnt Society

The Advnt SocietyThe Advnt SocietyThe Advnt SocietyThe Advnt Society




The ADVNT Society

My Weekend with Kevin Scanlon

A couple months ago I wanted to do something I hadn't done in a long time.  I wanted to take a photography class.  I chose a two day workshop taught by the amazing Kevin Scanlon. and it was the best money I ever spent.  It felt so good to be inspired by someone who creates such beautiful editorial work and someone who rose to the top with elegance and and kindness towards everyone around him.  He talked about his journey as an artist and all of the small things we do that build up to big things.  It may not feel like that on the way up, but it never fails to make a great impact on our careers.  I walked away with a huge list of to-dos and portrait ideas I want to accomplish.  Maybe they will be with you?  Yes! Here are two of my two favorite images I shot that weekend.  Have a happy Thursday :)

Model:  Meghan K. 

Kevin Scanlon