Seattle a la Liz // Western Ave

Today is my birthday.  But though?  The older you get the faster life seems to speed up.  However, life has taken some pretty fantastic turns this year so today, on my birthday, I want to celebrate the fact that I'm in a good place, I'm happy and I'm pursuing what I want to do in life.

If you follow me on Instagram you're pretty aware of the dailies.  They are spent with some incredible friends, working on my business and exploring the city.  It's insane to think I've been in Seattle for nine months.  Nine. Months.  I could have birthed a child by now.  Amiright?  I didn't though.  Instead a birthed a new life and it's one I'm pretty proud of, thank you very much.

Last year I made a list of things I wanted 2017 to be.  I wanted change, I wanted a new adventure, I wanted to say yes more. Well, I'm happy to report that's exactly what I did.

I uprooted my whole life and took a huge risk at an age where people are settling down, buying homes and having kids.  I of course want those things too, but saw this window in my life where there wasn't anyone or anything holding me back.  I knew I had to treat that little window with respect so I didn't just open the window, I jumped through it.  

I've spent the past year figuring out what it is I want in my career, in love and in my friendships. 

Career // To make my own money shooting incredible couples all over the world (Greece, Paris, Brazil, Ireland, I'm looking at you).  To help brands I believe in bring their vision to life.

Love // This could be it's own blog post so all I'm going to say of my dreams, come and get me, k?  Thanks.

Friendship // This has always been the strongest part of my life.  I'm good at friendship and know who my people are, but I felt stuck in my life and as a result I felt isolated.  I needed change so I vowed to change my environment and come back stronger for them and for me.  

I stopped settling for less and started practicing what I preach.  Let in what you think you deserve and that's what you'll get.  Well, I think I deserve the best people, the best love and the best clients.  Ask and you shall receive.

It's not always rainbows and sunshine and some days I just want to be quiet in my loft and decompress because the hustle is real and things can get overwhelming at times. When I feel that way I just live in the light that are my friends, facetime calls and group texts and remember that I am surrounded by love.  I am proud to say I created that for myself.  I didn't just fall into an amazing group of people.  I let them in and they let me in.  We chose each other.

I now live in a state of growth, constant creativity and peace.  I know what it's like to live in a walking city (something I always craved) and found my favorite street.  Almost every day I find a reason to take Western Avenue somewhere; my friend's house, the nail salon, Pike Place or just a simple walk.  I never tire of the light that hits it at sunset.  Each time I see it differently and the familiarity of it feels like home now.  

// If you're feeling stuck or alone or just lost, I feel you.  I've been there and I want you to know that even the slightest step forward can make such a difference.  You don't have to move two states away to find the answers, but you do have to take action.  You're in control of your life so don't waste another second dreaming of the life you want.  You have the power to paint it just the shade you envision it to be. \\

Thanks for reading this little diddy and I hope this post inspires you to get after the things you want.  Go do it and then tell me about it :)

Photos of me by my girl, Talitha Bullock.

Seattle a la Liz // Pioneer Square (my new hood)

Hi guys!  It's been a while since this column was showed some love and since spring has officially come to Seattle, I thought it was a perfect time to shoot and show you what my new hood looks like.  Que the alleluias...

Three months ago (Cali peeps, can you believe it's been three months???) I moved to Seattle and settled into the most charming new neighborhood in downtown Seattle, Pioneer Square.  I had shot weddings around these parts over the last couple of years and never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever live here.  But I do...and I LOVE it.  Anyone who knows me and knows Pioneer Square would say it's so me and I couldn't agree more.

One of the first things I loved about my new little nook in the world is how convenient it is.  I can literally walk around the block to the post office.  I can buy the most delicious sandwich I've ever had (Delicatus you are something straight out of my dreams).  I can walk across the street and work at a coffee shop any time I want for a change of scenery (I love Cherry Street Public House). Sometimes my desktop computer and pajamas gets to be a little much - know what I'm sayin? Working until the sun sets and watching the cafe turn from gold to a pretty shade of gray is my favorite.  I can meet someone for happy hour at Good Bar any day of the week just by walking a couple blocks. Above all else, I have a beautiful blank canvas to shoot clients or for my own pleasure whenever my heart desires.  It's fucking magic.

When I first moved here I explored more north of Pioneer Square and deeper into downtown (I'll be posting about that area soon!).  It wasn't until I was here a good month or so that I started exploring my actual neighborhood and let me tell you, I'm obsessed.  I'm right by King Street Station, which is this beautiful train station with white walls, white ceilings (we all know how I feel about that) and beautiful original crown moldings (see wedding portraits I shot a year ago HERE!).  I mean, what?  I can't handle it.  Sometimes when I'm on one of my walks I go there and just sit for a while and marvel in all its beauty.  I like to people watch and wonder where they're going and honestly it's only a matter of time until I plan a trip myself just so I can take a train ride out of there.  Trains make me feel like I'm in Paris and we ALL know how I feel about PARIS.

I love seeing people walking the streets and how much life is going on right outside my front door.  It reminds me of my life in LA and that always puts a smile on my face. I've noticed how different things are when you live in a city that has actual seasons. Yay seasons! Although, I moved here in the winter and man, that was rough.  I'm built for the heat, yo!  People hibernate in the winter and aren't outside as much for obvious reasons (I've never been colder in my life #wuss), but wow, the sun comes out, flowers start to bloom and forget about it.  People scatter immediately outside to enjoy the sun and a beer.  Quality Athletics is a great place to do just that and it's walking distance to the stadium.  You can often find A LOT of pre game festivities happening there. There is also the most amazing little boutique next door (Velouria) that has all the jewelry a girl could ever want.  It's becoming a problem.

My favorite thing about living where I live?  The fact that my building faces the water.  I can see West Seattle in the distance and I'm just a water taxi away. The light reflects off the water onto my street in the most beautiful way and it seriously gives me life.  Taking in all these moments; the way the light hits my window at dusk, the lush green everywhere, the architecture, the way it smells like fresh cut grass on the way to a friend's house.  These are the things that make me happy and remind me I'm doing just fine. xx

// NEXT UP is Capital Hill \\  If you have places you think would be great to feature let me know!  Email me or leave a comment.  Ciao!







LA a la Liz // My Hood Part Two

Hello, and welcome to the second and final (kind of) LA a la Liz post.  This column will now be called Seattle a la Liz.  Yes, my friends.  It is with the heaviest heart, but an excited one as well, that I tell you next week I will be leaving my beloved LA and Hollywood home for sweet Seattle.

It wasn't that long ago that I began shooting up there, meeting new people and becoming part of a very special little community. 

// I want to continue fostering those relationships as well as growing my business.  

I hope that you'll stick around and walk through this journey with me and for all you Seattle peeps, I can't wait to meet you :)  It's going to be an interesting year acclimating to a new city, but I know in my heart that it's time for me to do this.

I'll miss the weather, palm trees and LA culture in general. I'll miss my favorite brunch spots and the way the light hits my room at sunset. It  will all be challenging at first.  However, being away from my friends and family is going to be the hardest thing of all.  I'm so rooted and so connected to the people in my life here and I just can't imagine not having them at arms reach. 

 It's hard to explain, but for a long time now there has been something stirring inside of me, dying to break out of this cozy little life.  It's time to be brave, be risky and jump.  I'm going with my gut and following my heart.  I want to look back one day and be so glad that I took this leap and chose to believe in myself.  I've always said I want to do big things in my life and not just do what feels comfortable.  Well, I'm REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE and that's how I know this is going to be really good for me.  I'm looking forward to shooting weddings there and discovering new brands to work on lookbooks and content.  I'm ready.

Happiness isn't something that just happens to you or that you "find" per se.  It's a choice.  So, I choose to be happy. Even if that means leaving a life I love and starting a new one.  I have a feeling there are great things coming my way that I haven't even dreamt of for myself and I can't wait to share them with you.

I hope you liked all my favorite houses, nooks and crannies that make up my neighborhood.  When I reached my favorite spot to see the Hollywood Sign, the sky was perfect and it was almost like she was saying bye to me.  I'll miss seeing her every day, but I know we'll be together again in the future.


LA a la Liz // My Hood Part One

I often talk about my love for LA and being a rare local (I grew up 30 miles east of Hollywood), I thought it would be fun to start a new column showcasing all its special qualities.  From my favorite neighborhoods to favorite restaurants and even spots that hold personal memories for me. 

So, first up, my very own neighborhood!  I live in a little pocket of Hollywood called Beachwood Canyon.  Locals explain it as the "right under the Hollywood sign" area.  I've lived here for three years now and couldn't be happier.  I fall in love with it more and more every day.

On the weekends I take runs up into the hills and am constantly stopped by tourists who want directions to the infamous sign.  It makes me laugh because I have never actually hiked up to it myself. I know.  It's ridiculous.

I'm obsessed with the eclectic apartments and houses, the neighborly feel, the fact that there is so much history to my street.  I love that no matter what time of day it is, there are people walking their dogs.  It's the kind of neighborhood where everybody knows your name.  We say hello as we pass each other on the street and in the summer it's the best because we're all usually going to the same place.  Franklin Village. 

This special little strip holds local favorites such as Birds (Fridays are ladies nights - heeyoohh), La Poublle and Sushi StopMy personal favorite is Franklin & Co.  I love the vibe there, the food is amazing and the bartender has a heavy hand (never a bad thing).  I had my favorite first date there too so it's kind of the best place ever ;)  Also, Stop by Oaks Gourmet for their homemade tacos, boutique wines and specialty cheeses.  I can't be trusted here.  Like, ever.  I may have once (or twice?) had them deliver ice cream to my front door...

As the sun sets and you make your way back up to my place, you'll notice how the light changes and starts to disappear behind the trees and buildings.  It's my favorite time of day.  It usually smells like jasmine (it's everywhere) and you can see the Hollywood sign start to fade in the darkness. Feels like home.

// I'll be sharing more from my neighborhood soon including the nooks and crannies I often walk to and love (If you follow my snapchat or Insta Stories you know I love a good walk).  I hope you enjoy the new column!