Joshua Tree

Loralie & Bryan // Married in the Desert // Joshua Tree

Loralie and Bryan.  Two people who found each other and from the beginning made the decision they would live adventurously together.  They made zero plans except to fall deeper in love and make memories only the two of them could ever understand.  They would do things their way.


This is it.  These are the couples that scream LIZ to me.  When people like them find me it makes me feel like I'm doing something right.

They were to be married in the backyard Loralie played in as a little girl.  A wedding done right in her childhood home.


// A father of the bride who also served as the officiant and asked for each person to bless the rings as they were passed around.

//  Nieces and nephews ran around and played like it was any other day.

// An overwhelming sense of community and love.  Small and intimate.  Special.


A day focused on letting go, worrying less about floral arrangements and more on enjoying each other's company.  I watched them take a moment at the end of the night to quietly dance to their song without any announcement  People smiled from afar and it was almost like being let in on a little secret.

Loralie and Bryan.  Married in the Desert.

Let's Take a Drive // Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree.  A place I've always loved and a place she had never been before.  We packed our gear, stopped for coffee and headed east.  

Nicole and I have been friends for about four years now, but it seems as though we've been friends our whole lives.  We laugh uncontrollably together, we can talk shop all day long and best of all, we just get each other.  The best part of friendship in general, right?

// Some favorites from our little adventure + a short and sweet video I made from our day.  You can head on over to Nicole's blog right now to see things through her eyes too!

Marissa Christiansen for Haute Deity

Ah, fashion.  It's one of my favorite things and being hired to photograph it is always such a joy for me.  Marissa came to me some months back to inquire about a shoot.  It would be a fashion editorial shoot featuring a collection of ethereal garments she created for women called Haute Deity.  Not only that, but she wanted it shot in the ever amazing Joshua Tree.  I mean....I was ecstatic.  Fashion plus the desert equals my heaven. We started planning it and after some emails back and forth a location was chosen, mood boards were made and a date was set.  We literally kept emailing each other just to say how excited we were for the shoot.  When I showed up to the house she had rented (which by the way was ridiculously amazing) and saw all of the unique pieces hanging in the closet my mouth dropped.  I did not expect them to be so exquisite in person.

Each piece is intricately detailed to perfection and one of a kind, made by hand.  Her hands.  She sewed and designed every part of the collection herself and I'm so honored she chose me to essentially shoot the lookbook, which will help launch the website soon!

Here are some of my favorites from that magical day.

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