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Having Liz be a part of our wedding was the absolute best decision we made next to getting married! The "Liz Factor" is real, her work is differentiated by her unique perspective and approach to working with clients. Liz connects with her clients – she takes the time to get to know you, understands your vision and listens to you. Her style, edge, laugh, spirit, organization & preparation make her a beautiful force that I am so grateful to have had on our wedding day. Liz invests in you, and if you invest in her, you’ll receive the biggest return. The proof is in the photos.


Liz exceeded all of our expectations of what a wedding photographer should be. We truly felt like she was a long time friend and part of the family from the start. She has a way of connecting with people and understanding who they are very quickly and that is reflected in her photography. She's also one of the most fun gals around. 


Liz has been magical part of my life and was able to document one of the most memorable days in it. We met through mutual friends to shoot my headshots way back when I wanted to be a blogger - that ship has since sailed but the images she took are still my favorite even 5 years later. 

Flash forward to meeting the love of my life and finding out Liz is best friends with his sister, so now she's family. #bestdayever When Nick and I decided to get married in Italy it was a no brainer that Liz had to be our photographer. Liz is one of the most talented, personable, amazing photographers I've ever known. She pours her heart into every client she works with and tells your story through each beautiful image she captures. 


If you're looking for someone to take photos of a special event and bring them to life, Liz is your gal. She was so incredibly helpful during our elopement at Snoqualmie Falls. Liz was so kind, funny, and we honestly had so much fun with her. Our pictures are absolutely amazing and I could not have asked for anything more!

Orange County Photographer


I was blessed to be introduced to Liz through a mutual friend and hired her first to do several client's event and location shoots. She did SUCH incredible work for us that she basically became our in-house photographer for all client needs. She then shot my business partner's wedding in Italy last June and when I saw her work my jaw literally dropped to the ground. Not only was I able to witness her work first hand, but I got to know her, which may be one of the biggest gifts if that trip. Liz is one of the most magical and light-filled people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Seriously...her energy emanates and is contagious AF (beware, people!). When I got engaged, hiring her as our wedding photographer wasn't even a second thought. From the moment she arrived at my suite, her beautiful spirit and creativity emanated. She captured my husband an me so effortlessly and naturally. She really SAW us for who we were and made our love come to life through her images in a way I've never seen any photographer do. Liz, I love you with every single tiny little cell. 

Joshua Tree Wedding Photographer


We are so happy that we decided to have Liz be a part of our wedding. She was incredibly friendly and supportive from our very first conversation. Liz felt like part of our family which made her involvement even more special for us. Her photos captured our day perfectly. Every time we see them, it takes us back to those perfect moments.