Pioneer Square

Sarah & Graff // Photos and Party // Seattle Wedding Photographer

They were married last winter with just immediate family as their guests.  Simplicity at its finest.  No big, fancy wedding.  Just the two of them and their families.

Cut to this summer when they decided to share their love and celebrate with ALL their friends and family.  The priorities:  photos and a party.  

I got you, guys.  I got you.

A big shout out to Sarah and Graff's family for being so welcoming and kind.  A two hour cocktail hour followed by tons of dancing was so fun with them goofing around with me.  I honestly had the best time.  Fun couples and fun families.  I'm - in - to - it.  Weddings are the best.

Kim from New York // Seattle Lifestyle Photographer

One of the things I love so much about photographing people is the constant opportunity to meet new people.  You never know who is going to find you, seek you out for photos and quickly become someone you'll never forget.

Kim from New York.  She was coming to Seattle for work and wanted to make time for a shoot with me.  She was ready to document where she is right now in life and all I have to say is, YES. It's like she read the mission statement in my mind, agreed whole heartedly and then got on a plane.   

From the second she got out of her Uber, she was making me laugh non stop.  We of course got a drink afterwards and it's been text after text ever since.  

// Kim, you are the shit.  Can't wait to see you in New York one day.  xo