Frenching with Liz // Part One // Paris

It feels wrong to be posting about my magical time in Europe in light of the sadness that is happening there right now. I almost didn’t, but then I thought, what if I kept that magic alive despite the current circumstances? What if I walked you through a 10 day trip that changed my life?  A trip that inspired me like never before? That is what this post is about. It’s about remembering the good when everything seems to be falling apart. Frenching_With_Liz_001.JPGWhen ones think of Paris an insane to-do list comes to mind.  My list however, didn't involve what you would expect.  I didn't focus on specific paintings, sight seeing or shopping.

My list involved an attitude I would live and breath when I got there.


// I wanted to stay present, wake up when I wanted, enjoy morning rituals, taste all the things I had been dreaming about and meet as many people as possible. I’m happy to report I did all those things and more.


// I woke up with the sun and walked to a new place for coffee almost every morning.  I walked aimlessly and let myself be surprised by the next corner block and what it had to show me. I introduced myself to random strangers who ended up sharing an afternoon with me. I rode a bike along the river and met a lovely woman who lives in Texas (hi Elise!).  I indulged in a crazy amount of sugar and bread and felt absolutely no guilt about it. I met up with a dear friend and instead of just having dinner we spent three whole days running around the streets of Paris together.


I let go. I allowed things to just happen organically. I was patient and let the day unfold without putting any restrictions on myself.  I was free.

That’s really what this trip was about I guess. Freedom. I left my camera at home (shot everything on my iPhone) and embraced that kid in me. You know what? It was easy.  It felt good to have no expectations. It felt good to sit at a cafe for 2 hours with nowhere to be.


I brought back a fierce desire to stay young at heart and always focus on the simple things in life. Things that matter. I may never see every dream or goal come to fruition, but what I do know is that I live my life to the fullest and that means I’m making my teenage self proud.


// Now please enjoy a lot of pretty pictures...

I hope they inspire you and remind you to take a friend to lunch or plan that road trip you’ve been “meaning” to do.  I hope you call that girl you’ve been thinking about and can’t seem to swallow your pride enough to do it. Listen, life is happening now. Right now! Don’t wait because before you know it it’s going to be five years from now. xo

Frenching_With_Liz_002.jpg Frenching_With_Liz_003.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_004.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_005.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_006.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_007.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_008.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_009.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_010.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_011.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_012.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_013.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_014.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_015.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_016.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_017.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_018.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_019.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_020.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_021.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_022.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_023.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_024.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_025.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_026.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_027.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_028.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_029.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_030.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_031.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_032.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_033.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_034.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_035.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_036.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_037.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_038.JPG

Frenching_With_Liz_040.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_041.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_042.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_043.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_044.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_045.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_046.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_047.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_048.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_049.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_050.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_051.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_052.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_053.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_054.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_055.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_057.JPG Frenching_With_Liz_058.JPGFrenching_With_Liz_059.JPG

You can see more photos from the trip on Instagram here!  Photos from London and Amsterdam coming soon...

P.S I’m currently working on a new website and you’ll be able to buy prints directly from the site!

Cali to Paris // Solo Travel

When I was 14 years old I became obsessed with two things.  Frank Sinatra and Parisian culture.  I poured over books on Frank and how he got his start and of course bought every album he's ever made (that's a lie.  My dad bought me one every Christmas).  However, what I think had an even bigger impact on me was the way people lived in France, especially Paris. The pace of every day life // the language // the passion // the architecture // the sophistication and pride in how they carry themselves.  I fell in love with all of it.

I would sit in my teenage room and spend hours reading about what there is to do there, the history behind the Eiffel Tower and obsessed over the incredible fashion.  I just loved how looking like your Sunday best is a part of every day life.  Something I feel we lack in the states.  People wearing pajamas to the grocery store hurts my soul.  I'm sorry, please don't send me poison in the mail.

I vowed to myself that as soon as I could, I would go to Paris and walk the streets I had read about late in the night.  I would drink every cappuccino and eat every croissant and ride every bike and create every picnic imaginable and photograph every bridge I came across.  What can I say, the romantic in me can't be controlled.

So, the day has come.  I leave in a couple hours.  A COUPLE HOURS.  I will take a direct flight and step foot on that magical land.  I always thought I would go with the man in my life or a close friend, but as it turns out, I've decided to go alone.  There is something that happens to you when you take a trip solo.  There's nothing like it and i'll be experiencing it in a matter of hours.  Sleep deprivation here I come.  Give it to me.

And that my friends is my eat pray love chat for the day.  I'll see you on Instagram with updates on all things Paris!!  #frenchingwithliz


// A few photos from my trip to Italy four years ago.  A trip that time stamped so much growth for me, brought me closer to a friend and taught me to slow the f down.  I've been wearing lipstick, buying flowers every weekend and never get annoyed when the waiter takes longer than expected since then.  

Cali_to_Paris_001.jpg Cali_to_Paris_002.jpg Cali_to_Paris_003.jpg Cali_to_Paris_004.jpg Cali_to_Paris_005.jpg Cali_to_Paris_006.jpg