I’m a talker.  I love to laugh and laugh loudly.  I’m Colombian.  I’m a hugger and sometimes forget some people don’t want to be hugged.  I’m still gonna hug you.  I have a serious addiction to ice cream.  I'm a little obsessed with my friends.  I’m loyal to the very end.  I’ll cook you dinner any night of the week.  I’m spontaneous.  I love fiercely.   

I am also what you call the anti wedding photographer.  One day I’m sure I’ll be the anti bride as well.  The wedding industry is full of hearts and flowers and I’m just not.  I’m about art.  I’m about the relationship between you and me.  I’m about capturing what’s real and seeing things differently.  I will give you everything I’ve got and expect the same in return.  I’ll give you passion, a sense of humor and a damn good time.  I’m confident in my ability to create the kind of imagery you want to put up on your walls.

Photos by Andria Lindquist